Parents: How to Avoid Fundraiser Fatigue

By Jessica Sanders, 1/22/2015

Parents: How to Avoid Fundraiser Fatigue

If it feels like your student comes home every other week with a new fundraiser flyer or asking you to make something for another bake sale, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, fundraising has become a necessary evil for most schools, with funding being cut more and more every year. However, there are a few steps you can take to reduce what you’re likely already feeling: fundraiser fatigue.

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13 Awesome Freebies From National PTA

By Jessica Sanders, 1/19/2015

13 Freebies From National PTA

Whether you’re a part of the National PTA or not, your school can benefit from the many free resources they offer. Take advantage of pre-made handouts, step-by-step program directions, event tool kits and more with these thirteen awesome freebies.

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10 Bulletin Board Ideas to Capture Students' Attention

By Jessica Sanders, 1/14/2015

10 Bulletin Board Ideas for the PTA

Bulletin boards are an easy way for you to stay in touch with the students in your school, promote PTA events and share a message about how students can improve their lives.

Make your next bulletin board more exciting with these awesome ideas from all over the web. Include apps, Instagram and superheroes to catch the attention of students.

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Fresh New PTA Programs That Encourage Students to Read

By Jessica Sanders, 1/13/2015

Fresh New PTA Programs That Encourage Students to Read

The importance of reading cannot be understated, especially for younger children. In fact, the rise in students with learning disabilities can be attributed to the support schools provide in core areas such as reading and writing, according to Preventing Early Learning Failure.

As the PTA, you can help make a difference in the lives of the students at your school by hosting pta programs that support reading. Unfortunately, the usual, Let’s all get on the bus and take a field trip to the library, isn’t fun when students do it all the time.

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10 Websites With Free Audio Books for School and Home

By Jessica Sanders, 1/7/2015

Free Audio Book Websites for School and Home

While some kids can’t get their nose out of books, others need another format that will engage and entice them. Audio books offer kids the opportunity to learn and improve reading comprehension in a way that may seem less intimidating and scary.

The best part: there are a variety of websites that offer free audio books for kids. These websites are perfect if you’re running a read-a-thon fundraiser—they’ll never run out of books to listen to.

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